Benedetta Manfriani / Togli Il Tuo Piede Dalle Nostre Gole

Togli Il Tuo Piede Dalle Nostre Gole

Togli il tuo piede dalle nostre gole

2019 Installation/performance site specific

MAD Murate Art District, Firenze


The performance “Togli il tuo piede dalle nostre gole” (“Move your foot away from our throats”) originates during an artistic residency at MAD Murate Art District, former Florentine prison, now research and artistic production center. Murate (literally “immured”), with its silent stones that conceal the voices of immured nuns, common prisoners, political prisoners and partisans, becomes the paradigm of physical and internal imprisonment, of the voice that dies inside. The cramped and dark spaces of the cells and the heavy doors, that isolate from the external world and human relations, are a metaphor of what can happen during life, when, for different reasons and in different ways, one can occur in prisons from which it is difficult to come out.

We all consume our own anguish on our own, experiencing it as an individual problem, but by addressing to the surrounding environment, voice expresses above all an horizon, and then a relation made out of spaces, bodies, languages. The sound of the voice is able to overcome bars, walls and doors, and to sew invisible threads with others. Singing has the ability of unraveling the mutism in which sorrow cages the soul, and of creating, through the interweaving of voices, harmony out of chaos. The performance, through the voices of CONfusion (a multiethnic choir, whose efforts are towards the inclusion of immigrants and refugees), a choreography and a video installation, expresses an attempt to free body and soul, a sort of rebirth, an ode to life.



Installations / Sound Sculptures


4th June 2016