Benedetta Manfriani, visual artist and singer, has explored through the years different techniques and languages – video, art installations, photography, music, ceramics, graphics – giving birth to multiform works. Her works were exhibited in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA.

She cooperates with the electronic music research, production, and educational centre Tempo Reale  – both in the didactic area and in the production of multimedia works – and with the theatre company Catalyst. She currently is an artist in residence at the MAD Murate Art District. She runs the Orkestra Rosa choir composed with the female convicts of Florence’s prison of Sollicciano. In 2016 she created CONfusion, a multiethnic vocal group composed by people from many different countries in the world which aims to the inclusion of immigrants through music and performances.

Major events and exhibitions in recents years:

2021, Firenze, MAD Murate Art District, in cooperation with  Comune di Firenze, QuaranTeens Audio Installation, Solo Exhibition, Upcoming

2021, EVA, new album release, with Agnese Banti, Sandro Bertieri, Roberto Laneri, Catalyst Prod.,  Upcoming

2020, Minneapolis (USA), RAC Rochester Art Center, “Creative Confinement Exhibition-Art under Quarantine”, Collective Exhibition

2019, Seia, Portugal, CinEcoseia, Festival DME, Mediterranea Solo Exhibition, Performance, Conduction

2019, Firenze, PARC Performing Arts Centre, Estate Fiorentina, Walkabout/Migrazioni Sonore, Conduction and Performance

2019, Barberino M.llo, Teatro Corsini, Holocaust Memorial Day, Wiegenlied, Ninna nanna per l’ultima notte a Terezin, Pavel Zalov Quartet conducted by Enrico Fink, Performance and choir conduction

2018, Firenze, Museo Mario Marini, RIVERS by Yuval Avital, Notte Bianca #24 ACCENTS, , Conduction and Performance

2018, Montelupo Fiorentino, Ex-cinema Ristori, RIVERS by Yuval Avital, RIVA Project

Conduction and Performance 

2017, Firenze, Tempo Reale Festival, Firenze, Sound&Bike, Conduction and Performance

2017, Firenze, Teatro Puccini, Firenze Festival Migrarti, Original score “Lontano da dove” by Daniela Fantechi, Conduction

2016, Hamburg, Italian Institut of Culture , WUNDE(r), Photo and Video, Solo Exhibition

2013-2014, Firenze, Istituto degli Innocenti, Oltre lo sguardo, Sound Sculpture Solo Exhibition, 

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