Benedetta Manfriani / Mediterranea



2018 Multimedia installation/performance

Video, raku bowls.

Sound design Agnese Banti


Six hundred empty raku ceramic bowls, black on the outside, blue, turquoise, light blue, white, copper on the inside, each one different from the other. On the walls and on the ceiling of the same room, a video-projection of the moving sea.

Each bowl is hand-made, imperfect, perfectible. It welcomes, receives and donate. Even when it is broken, it maintains its hollow shape and it can contain and offer.

It is the Mediterrenean Sea, on whose shores the Western civilization was born, and to whose coasts thousands of human beings looking for hope arrive today. Europe, theatre of the great Jewish tragedy of the Shoah, that has permanently marked recent history, after colonialism and the exploitation of other continents’ human and environmental resources, must re-discover the spirit of Frederik II’s Sicily, symbol of peaceful and productive coexistence between Christianity, Islam and Judaism, between the Byzantine, Arabic and Normandic worlds. The Israeli-Palestinian question, Islamic terrorism and the great migrations of today put us in front of the responsibility everyone of us has in front of history.


-Mediterranea #1, May 2018 ,Giornata Internazionale della ceramica, in collaboration with Chini     Museo&Contemporary,Borgo S. Lorenzo, Italy

-Mediterranea #2, October 2018, Festival Sesto Mondo, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

-Mediterranea #3, November-dicember 2018, Ikigai Room, Bologna, Italy

-Mediterranea #4, October 2019.

-Mediterranea #5, CineEco SeiaFestival DME, Portugal

-Mediterranea #Habitus/Ethos, December 2019, Festival dei dirittti, MAD Murate Art District; Firenze, Italy



Installations / Sound Sculptures


4th December 2017