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Benedetta Manfriani, visual artist and singer, has explored through the years different techniques and languages – video, art installations, photography, music, ceramics, graphics – giving birth to multiform works.

She co-operates with Tempo Reale – both in the didactic area and in the production of multimedia works – and with the theatre company Catalyst. She currently is an artist in residence at the MAD Murate Art District, in Florence. As part of the project RIVA, she directed the sound performance by Yuval Avital in 2018, having also participated in 2017 to a sound installation by Tempo Reale Festival. In 2016, she created CONfusion, a multiethnic vocal group composed by people from many different countries in the world. CONfusion aims to the inclusion of immigrants through music and performances. It also plays in the Teatro Puccini, in Florence.

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